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Website development is a process that our team at MinuteVet understands intimately. We aim to deliver beautiful websites that capture your brand, captivate your audience, and get visibility in search engines. Proper website development involves far more than a simple aesthetic redesign. We build robust, detailed websites that incorporate branding and integrate your SEO strategy from the start. Our websites are thoroughly formatted to meet all of Google’s most stringent standards. We will put together websites that have clean aesthetics, straightforward functionality, and a robust back end.

We’ll build you a website that gives your business the competitive edge you've been looking for. Your site will function as well as it looks and will be mobile responsive so you can show it off on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Because we have a long-lasting partnership with an industry leading developer, Optuno. By partnering with them, we are able to cut costs and deliver the best site possible site with insane turnaround times. Our founder & CEO actually works at Optuno so yes, our websites are done IN HOUSE with NO TEMPLATES. 

Our team has redeveloped countless websites and will make sure the transition is smooth and painless. There will be 0 downtime during the transition process and your new website will have all the proper redirects filed with Google so you don’t see a drop in your search rankings. We automatically redesign and redevelop all of our client’s websites under all of our plans because we know we can do better.

Before redesigning a website, we first check to see if you have an existing website. If you don’t, our team of copywriters and graphic designers will get right to work helping you build out the custom site of your dreams. If you do have an existing website, our first step involves a site audit to see where you need improvement. We look for duplicate content issues, opportunities for aesthetic improvement, and aim to seize SEO opportunities by re-formatting the site.

Our first website will be presented as a draft and we will have a 30-day window where we have unlimited revisions while we work with the developer. We should be able to get your website perfect during the first go around but we’re happy to make any edits after we launch. We like to deliver our sites in a timely manner so we can begin on-site and off-site SEO categories that are included in your plan.

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