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Social media is the new word of mouth. All of our 21st century gossip has been consolidated onto a tiny screen that fits in our pocket. At the click of a button, we are networked with all of our closest friends, worst enemies, competing businesses, and potential customers near and far.

Let’s think about real life for a second. Imagine sitting at a dinner table with 5 of your old friends at nice restaurant downtown. Everyone is having their own side discussions and exchanging laughs. Some conversations are between one or two people and some are between the entire group. The level of engagement by everyone at the table is dictated by the topic of conversation. It’s not very difficult to capture the attention of 5 friends. Let’s pretend these are your followers.

Let’s say there are 100 people at the restaurant. Short of lighting yourself on fire, how the hell do you get their attention? These are complete strangers caught up in their own conversations, thoughts, and daily affairs.

Zoom out again and look at the city as a whole… How do you get the attention of 1.5 million people? You could end up on the local news but that’s usually not a good thing.

Social media is actually much more complex than we give it credit for and to understand effective strategies, everything comes down to psychology. Interacting in a social environment can be daunting. 

Social media strategies aren’t developed overnight. The actual act of posting on social media only takes a few seconds. Building an audience, generating content, and eventually selling products/services through social media is actually quite difficult. 

We’ll help you find ways to generate content, increase your following, and eventually sell to your customer. Brand awareness doesn’t happen overnight but through a comprehensive effort, social media platforms can be effectively utilized by your business and give you a competitive edge with the correct strategies. We will create all the content for your social media platform and customize it for your clinic. Our social media services are full service with the exception of responding to customer messages which should be handled by your receptionist. 

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